PWD Marine Dive

PSP is experienced in carrying out such mammoth scuba diving activity, having done the same since 2012. For a start we brought twelve PWD to dive and snorkel in Tioman Island in 2012, For the two consecutive years that followed we chose to carry out our project in the same destination. We achieved some impressive results in the diving project in Tioman Island in 2014. We made it to the Malaysian Book of Records whereby 29 PWD dived 10m-12m undersea for 45 minutes. In the diving project in Redang Island in 2015, we created some remarkable records as we have the most number (32) PWD participants. The project in 2016 is by far the most memorable, it was carried out in Semporna, Sabah amid various security concerns.

They Can’t Walk but They Can Dive

We wanted to give persons with disabilities an opportunity to experience the sea & scuba diving. Many never get this chance because it’s not physically accessible, and it goes against a general perception that persons with disabilities shouldn’t be undertaking such pursuits. Not only is this event about bringing together able-bodied people and people with disabilities to learn from and support each other, it’s about showing the community of people with disabilities that they can be empowered and break through their own limitations.

Thanks to Our Better World produced this nice video.

Past Events

PWD Marine Dive 2017

4D3N event at Perhentian Island. We have total number of 23 PWD & 61 volunteers from Malaysia, Singapore, China, USA, Spain & India to participate in this event. This year we took the opportunity to contribute efforts in conserving our beautiful underwater world by initiating coral restoration process.

PWD Marine Dive 2016

5D4N event, involving 3 different transfer method for sea, land and air to Uncle Chang Mabul Dive Lodge, Mabul Island. Total number of 23 PWD & 57 volunteers from Malaysia, Singapore, China, Poland, Spain, Vietnam and UK participate in diving trip for People with Disabilities. Not only are we taking a group of people with disabilities for fun dive, but at the same time we would be taking a group of people with disabilities to get their scuba diving licenses.

PWD Marine Dive 2015

This diving outing was held in Redang Island in 2015, it was most remarkable experience as we have the most number (32) PWD participants, out of this number five (5) were from overseas 3 from China, 1 from Hong Kong and 1 from Poland. We were honored to have coverage in Astro Awani, TV2, TV3 & Our Better World (Singapore)
during the activities.

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