About Us

PERSATUAN KEBAJIKAN PEOPLE SUPPORT PEOPLE MALAYSIA (SOCIETY OF PEOPLE SUPPORT PEOPLE MALAYSIA), previously known as PERSATUAN KEBAJIKAN PEOPLE SAVE PEOPLE SELANGOR (SOCIETY OF PEOPLE SAVE PEOPLE SELANGOR), was founded in 2012 by a group of 8 compassionate individuals to support the underprivileged community; e.g. People with Disabilities (PWD), single families & old folks. The vision the founders had was to provide the necessary resources and accessibility to PWDs; to motivate and build their confidence to serve the society independently.

In PSP, we believe in equality in rights to serve the society, therefore, everyone, including PWDs, should be given a chance to do so. To the public, the PWD community is seen as a group of individuals who need help, or even a burden to the society. However, such a mindset is far from the reality. We were once told by the PWDs – “What we need is an opportunity, not pity!” Therefore, with the establishment of PSP, we hope to create the impossible, and show the public that Unconditional Love actually exists – Our philosophy; “Love to Live, Live to Give”.

Our Vision & Mission

To create a sustainable platform to support the PWD community where they can earn respect and dignity, and contribute themselves to the society and our mission is to encourage the PWD community to share their compassion, will power and perseverance in facing everyday life challenges, as a collective wisdom to inspire the society.

Our Objectives

To foster friendship, understanding and mutual assistance among its members.

To promote the welfare, education, training, rehabilitation, employment and other interests of its members.

To enhance educational opportunities through bursaries, scholarships, grants, subsidies and exchange programs.

To obtain necessary benefits and concessions for people with disabilities.

To raise funds from the public and to administer donations, gifts or bequests from any person, body or organization to promote the independence and quality of life of members.

To create among the community and government an awareness of the special needs of people with disabilities and solicit their cooperation and assistance in furtherance of the objectives of the Association.

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